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CV Primary Essence, with the Ecocert certificate, manufactures natural professional cosmetics based on aromatherapy, to cover the demands of professionals of the most demanding beauty treatments.

Since then we have come a long way and become aware of the world around us and our responsibility towards it, so luxury cosmetics have been reinvented leaving behind the superficiality of yesteryear and allying with Mother Nature.

Thus Ecoluxe was born, a concept which has become its work philosophy.

This is why at the CV Primary Essence laboratory they work with the tradition of the purest aromatherapy, using the most advanced techniques to create natural cosmetics which take care of your skin, comfort your spirit and mind, whilst at the same time respecting the natural circle of life.

Welcome to the new era,  welcome to Ecoluxe.

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CV+Primary+Essence: Spa Treatments de Alegría Spa Ronda
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